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The Coral Content Distribution Network

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        20 Aug 2012:   We're still here! While active development has been stopped for a while, we continue to operate CoralCDN as an open, free service. It's now been running continuously for more than 8 years (since March 2004), and continues to get a few million users per day at last check. Enjoy continuing to use the service!

    11 Jul 2012:   CoralCDN used with special URL shortener during the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami. Read more on the ACM's Digital Library.

    30 Mar 2010:   Experiences paper describing five years running CoralCDN posted.

    24 Mar 2006:   CoralCDN integrates client-side measurements network-wide.

    24 Mar 2006:   CoralCDN integrates client-side measurements network-wide.

    18 Feb 2006:   CoralCDN begins using port 8080 in addition to port 8090.

    15 Nov 2005:   CoralCDN serves nearly 20 million requests per day from 2.75 million unique clients.

    06 Mar 2005:   Changes to over-quota behavior go into effect. Please see these instructions.

    15 Feb 2005:   CoralCDN serves > 10 million requests per day.

    02 Feb 2005:   CoralCDN now compatible with Google AdSense. Thanks, Google!

    01 Feb 2005:   CoralCDN launched on more PlanetLab nodes, bringing its deployment to 225 nodes.

    23 Jan 2005:   CoralCDN deploys bandwidth caps on a per-hostname bases. For more information, see our FAQ

    01 Jan 2005:   Coral featured in MIT's Technology Review.

    16 Nov 2004:   CoralCDN serves over 1.5 TB of content and close to 4M requests in a single day.

    01 Oct 2004:   CoralCDN serves 1 terabyte of web content and over 32 million requests in total.

    21 Sep 2004:   The Coral FAQ has been moved to our Wiki.

    29 Aug 2004:   Coral featured in Slashdot. Traffic jumps from 1000 reqs/day to 1 million reqs/day.