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Coral Deployment

The following images show Coral's current deployment and illustrate the clusters that Coral develops based on network round-trip-time. These clusters allow more efficient lookup and download: A client in New York will be directed to a Coral proxy in the nearby tri-state area from which to download cached files; a client in the UK is directed to a node in London.

Clients enjoy even better performance if a Coral proxy sits on a nearby network: An NYU student will be directed to the Coral proxy on the NYU network. And this occurs without clients being aware of Coral or administers needing to configure anything with Coral!

The following two maps shows the 'level 1' and 'level 2' clusters that Coral naturally forms. The level-1 national clusters ensure that nodes within belonging to the same lookup cluster are within 60 msec from one another, as measured by round trip times. The level-2 regional clusters ensure that nodes are within 20 msec from one another.

On each map, each unique cluster within the network is assigned an alphanumeric character. We have plotted the location of our nodes by latitude/longitude coordinates.

If two nodes belong to the same cluster, they are represented by the same character on the map. As each PlanetLab site usually colocates several servers, the size of the alphanumeric value expresses the number of nodes at that side that belong to the same cluster.

Due to problems maintaining our data collection facilities, these maps are not currently being updated. Our apologies.

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Level 1 clusters (<60 msec)

Global map of Level-1 Coral clusters

U.S. map of Level-1 Coral clusters

Europe map of Level-1 Coral clusters

Level 2 clusters (<20 msec)

Global map of Level-2 Coral clusters

U.S. map of Level-2 Coral clusters

Europe map of Level-2 Coral clusters